Basic Magento

Hello Friends,

I am Facing some problem in magento please help me the problem is that how to install magento framework and customize it.

Please help me.

That is not a straight forward question.

The installing should not be to hard - upload the code to your server and there must be an install file. Follow the instructions - you will need all your database information.

I would look online for some tutorials for the rest as it would take a lot of writing to answer a question like that. It took me hours to setup a different ecommerce program - it is not an easy process.

Can you tall me how to customize it

or provide me a best tutorial website link

No I am afraid I do not use Magneto; my first port of call would be the Magneto website then youtube or Google.

I cant understand anything from youtube or google please help me it’s urgent.

There’s plenty of information available if you search.

For example: