Basic Email Archiving Question With Computers In Different Countries

Good Morning All

I have a question to ask regarding a customer of mine.

She has a personal email account and I manage the hosting of that account for her.

She spends most of her time in two countries. She leaves one laptop in each country for when she is there, and takes a netbook with her when travelling.

I’m just trying to work out the best way of managing her email archives.

Would there be a way that her email archives can be stored in a central location? Currently she has archiving set up in outlook, but obviously this is device specific So her entire archive is basically split into 2 or 3 sections and located in different countries?

Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for any help


One quick solution is to place that archive in DropBox so it syncs between the two devices. Then of course, there is, don’t use archive, and switch over to IMAP so all emails are centrally located on the mail server.

Thank you very much for the response. The customer would prefer to save hosting money by storing the files off the server. So just to confirm with regards to dropbox, all three outlook versions on the three different devices would point to one archive file which is located in dropbox?

I take it the same could work for skydrive?

Thank you again for your response

Yes, it should work for skydrive too.

In short, you have a folder locally that is your “sync” folder, any files stored in it, are automatically synced with your other devices.
She would need to 1) close the archive in Outlook (right-click on the archive, choose close), and close Outlook, 2) move the archive into the sync folder, and 3) Open the archive from the sync folder in Outlook (File > Open > Outlook Data File).

Thank you again. So in closing the archive in outlook the actual file would remain and no emails would be deleted?

Thank you for your help

Yes, it would simply allow her to move the file without Outlook balking at her. It won’t lose any data it already contains.

Thank you so much for the help. That makes great sense and I will email her to discuss the various options.

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Not at this time, but your response is good enough :slight_smile:

If you run into issues, please post another thread here, I’m sure there are a few of us that could help resolve them.

Thank you very much, you’ll probably see me asking a few more questions over the coming months!

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Hi @cpradio. Though I may be completely wrong on this, but would syncing the files every time result in loads of bandwidth transfer each time. Given that the client keeps on travelling where sometimes net connectivity might not be the best? So given that say simply copying the Outlook file to the netbook should do the trick. For emails other option is to go in for dedicated hosting so most of the email would remain online and accessible anywhere. Is that a scenario one could look at as a long term measure though it might add to costs but the client could access mails almost 24X7.

You can tell Skydrive and Dropbox when to sync. So you simply need to sync before you leave, and sync when you get back. That would resolve any bandwidth issues (very similar to copying the archive from device to device, with you being less involved).