Basepath, Apppath?

Hey guys, I see a lot of code that has the following:


but I cant seem to find a define for BASEPATH. I also see this for stuff like


but I dont see a define for APPPATH either. How does this work? Sorry for the dumb question. Thanks.

if they are in there and the app works then they are defined somewhere

Hmm…for example, I downloaded codeIgniter I did a search (grep -r -i “BASEPATH” ./) and I dont see a define anywhere, this is on the root folder where all the codeigniter directories exist…

Hi virtualdevl!

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I don’t think that there are those directives in PHP to work as base paths/application paths. They must have been defined somewhere in included files earlier. So check in some included files.

Still can’t find where they are defined…


find . -type f | xargs grep -Ei "define.*APPPATH"

kyberfabrikken awesome! that did it. Hey, thanks for all your help guys :slight_smile: