Baseline is off

Wondering if anyone can figure out why the dates in my twitter feed on my website, are not quite aligned with the rest of the text. It looks like the date has some padding or something that is lifting it about 2 pixels above the baseline. Can’t figure out why. Does it have to do with the float left?

(seems to only be an issue in Firefox)



Just to confirm your report, I’m using Firefox and the baseline of the date dates seems to be exactly in line with the rest of the text unless the text is zoomed, in which case the baseline may rise a pixel or two. Don’t know if it can be corrected. May be a Firefox feature.

Rather than suggest a fix, I would recommend that you merge the date and tweet into one <li>. It doesn’t make sense to me to have them separate like that, and is likely to lead to trouble (as you see).

A better option would be to include the date link inside the tweet <li>, and perhaps set it to display: inline-block (so that the margin, and background color on hover, will work as they are now).