Band theme suggestions?

I’m planning a site for a friend’s blues band. Looking for a cheap or free relatively customisable cleanish WP theme, not too heavy on graphics, friendly to non-techie user uploads of audio, pics, YouTube or Vimeo vid presentation, event listings, reviews etc. I don’t use WP in production myself but the site will probably be managed by others during it’s lifetime.

I’ve Googled, and seen a lot of heavily marketed overblown crud.

As it’s a freebie I’d rather spend time tweaking details than building from scratch.

Any suggestions?

I use the Arras theme on my WP site and really like it. There’s a large user community and great support forums for the theme. I don’t currently use the slide show feature but that adds a nice visual punch to the home page and the rest of the homepage has a magazine style layout that favors images. I’ve only added a few videos into posts.

there are quite a few band themes
bandthemer has some easy loading band themes

Skeptical free theme from woothemes could be customized a bit to look like a band theme
or they also have backstage (paid theme)

i guess some thing in blue & golden color would give a musical touch to the webpages

Thanks for your reply (and all others). Arras is a clean looking theme, and looks well supported. I’ll certainly bear it in mind.