Bad Pool Header?

I’m trying to install audio software called CUBEASE LE5 on my Windows XP Machine. But the blue screen pops up with a long message. On top of it it states there is a Bad Pool Header. What does this mean and how to I fix it?

Crazybanana thanks for the links and the book recommendations. I will check them out.

vst plugins will work for cubase. try search for free vst plugins and free vst instruments.

here you have a few great ones to start with:

Kjaerhus Audio classic lineup

just try a few searches and you’ll be amazed how much you get for free :slight_smile:

i don’t know what to say, but if we are talking about professional recording and editing… the studios i have seen have been using pro tools.

i have a strong belief that the more you know and understand the better results you get. so if you you know how to record, edit and mix music and know the software you are working in - the better results you get.

but of course, some software are for beginners and hobby users, while others are for professionals.

i have tried a lot of music software over the years, but i’ve always came back to Cubase. probably because i feel most comfortable with it. it has been stable, and has everything i need.
i do however combine it with the m-audio 1010 soundcard, a roland digital v-studio and a seperate 28channel mixer among other things.

i don’t know how experienced you are but i can higly recommend thebooks “The mixing engineers handbook”, “the recording engineers handbook” and “the audio mastering handbook” by Bobby Owsinki.

I own them all and they are great.

you can also head over to or [URL=“”] and ask about everything related to music. i’ve been there for years :slight_smile:

you can also head over to and read all the great guides and tips by Tweak.

gotta go pick up the guitar, as this made me wanna jam :smiley:

Where might I find these plug ins? I suppose on their Cubease’s website. Any other place? Do the plug ins work for the light version like I have? (Cubase LE5) :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say that it’s any better (or worse) than Sony SoundForge, Cakewalk, Adobe Audition or Audacity but it’s a good product never the less. :slight_smile:

[SIZE=“3”][FONT=“Book Antiqua”]I am happy to announce that my Cubase LE5 has been successfully installed and registered on my Windows XP computer. It must have been one of my peripherals that was causing the issue because once they were unplugged the software installed fine. :smiley:

Is it true that Cubase blows Pro Tools out of the water when it comes to music editing?

oh, my bad. i tought there were only 3 versions of cubase. cubase essential, cubase studio and cubase 5.

anyway, try updating your graphic and sound drivers. cubase has as long as i have known it, required the sound and graphic drivers to be up to date.

it’s a very good program for recording/editing audio. I haven’t used a light version of it since the 90’s when i got a free stripped down version from a music magazine i was buying.

i was hooked, and have been using it ever since.

when you have installed it you should start searching for vst plugins. there are so many good free vst plugins out there.

you get free compressors, multiband compressors, enhancers, equalizers, synths, reverbs and all kind of vst for vocals and intruments.
no need to buy any expensive plugins to start out with :slight_smile:

if you play the guitar, sings or play the piano - it’s just the perfect software. you can record one track at time and cut, edit and mix it all together.

I love being in my homestudio :smiley:

Bad pool header is almost always a driver related issue… my suggestion would be ensure all your drivers are up-to-date, that windows is up-to-date and if it persists, you might want to consider running a RAM memory checking program on the thing (like MEMChecker) as it could well be you have corruption issues. :slight_smile:

PS: The version you have is LE (the light edition) which is a slimmed down version of what the others were talking about.

The software is Cubase LE5. It came with the Zoom H4n Digital recorder. The package costed $300.00. According to the specs it should work with my computer. I will call Zoom tomorrow if my visit to the place that sold it does not work.

yeah, i hope so too. it’s a $500 software for professional recording, mixing and editing.

I use a m-audio delta 1010 soundcard @ $600 on it. it’s not build for these cheap onboard soundcards.

I am not sure what kind of sound card I am using. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300. I will have to check. I hope my system can handle this. I have an old Mac G4 too.

I also registered for the Cubase forums but have not been accepted yet by the moderators. I’m going to the store I purchased the digital recorder tomorrow.
I’m wondering if some previous audio software I installed might be the problem?

what is your computer specs? cubase 5 needs some power and good hardware. it’s not a toy :smoke:

hi, i’ve been a cubase user for almost 12 years now.

have you asked at the cubase support forums?

anyway, this message indicates that there is an issue either with a driver, or some hardware.

what soundcard are you using, is it ASIO compatible?