Bad idea to merge my existing database into a WP database?

My website uses a standard HTML template and a mySQL database with about ten different tables. Would it be a bad idea to import my database into a new WordPress database and for me to start using WordPress as a platform? For example, I already have a users table, and I’m not sure how that would mess/jive with the users table inside the WordPress database.

Would I still modify my PHP pages in an app like Coda? Or would I start doing code changes within the WordPress backend? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I would prefer to hear upfront from the experts before I invest tons of time trying to make something like this work, only to find out later that it was not a good idea from the beginning.

Thank you!

Hi busboy,

It depends, what are the advantages you are hoping to gain from using WordPress? Are you looking to make it easier just to update the content of your site, or are there additional features you’d want to use?

Also, what does your PHP code currently do, is it something that would be replaced by WordPress’s functionality, or something you want to continue to use in addition?