Backup solutions

Hi everyone,

I use Mozy as an automatic backup solution, then I do some manual backup once a month on a local hard drive. But I’d like to skip that manual thing and get instead a second automatic solution.

Do I sound too cautious, or do you guys also have not one but two backup solutions? What do you use?

I only have one (CrashPlan), but I backup to 4 different locations.

2 local locations, and 2 off site (including their cloud storage).

That gives me all the piece of mind I ever wanted/needed, and I’ve successfully had to restore gigs of data when my primary drive failed. So I know the system works.

I use Time Machine for a local backup and Backblaze for automatic cloud backup. Highly recommend Backblaze.

No. I would say you don’t sound cautious enough.

It’s not clear from your post where your backups are stored, but you really ned to aim for two things:

  1. At least one of your frequent backups to be off site. That might mean a daily backup to a local resource, and a weekly backup to an off-site location. Or it might be the other way round, depending on your circumstances.

  2. All backups should ideally be automatic (as far as possible). If you rely on a human to initiate a backup, you risk it not being done.

Havng said that, when devising a backup strategy, you have to take account of the degree of risk which you face, and the degree of loss involved if the backup fails. For example, you would probably consider data that is stored on a mobile device to be at higher risk than some stored on a desktop machine. Similarly, you probably think that losing the last three months’ work that you have done would be far more catastrophic than losing your favourite music tracks. Those are the sort of factors you need to take into account when deciding your strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to your question.


Since you’re using Mozy, open up Settings > Options > Mozy 2x Protect. Mozy can automatically backup your files to an external drive during its normal automated online backups.

Awesome Jeff, didn’t know that. I just set it, but there’s one problem. I optimized my Mozy online backups so that they only take 2 GB. However in my offline backups, I would like to back my entire work folder up which weights more like 100 GB. Any suggestion?

I was in an extremely similar situation not that long ago. I eventually settled on [URL=“”]SyncBack.

Why can’t you take backup using online services like “Sos online backup”? You try it here
I have heard good reviews about it.

I use AOMEI Backupper Software and its easy to use…Simply choose your source drive and a destination drive then you see an image is create for you…Another one is EaseUS Todo Backup Free and easy to use…

This thread is turning into just a list of backup programs, which is not what the OP asked for. As it’s now nearly a month old and the OP never came back, there doesn’t seem to be much point in continuing with it.


I share your opinion so I’m closing the thread