Backup of Website - ERROR - how to upload and Install a Back-up copy?

Hello, not sure if this is the correct Forum :slight_smile:

I decided to make a backup of my website, so on my Hosting Panel using Back-up I created 2 files.

a6387083.tar.gz 3.04 Mb

a6387083_6387083.sql.gz 48.67 Kb

I downloaded them, and unzipped them,

1st file contains all my Folders/php files/images etc

2nd file is a copy of my data base.

Now I wanted to upload this newly created copy to a different host, so I added (copied & pasted) the Install Folder into the a6387083 folder.

uploaded all Folders/Files using FileZilla to a different Host.

But after uploading, when I go to the domain name I get ERROR:

A Mysql error has occurred while running the script:

Could not connect to the database with the credentials you have submitted
Mysql Error Output: Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

all help appreciated :slight_smile:

Your website is probably still trying to connect to the database on your first host. The new host does not know how to use the database connection parameters in your script.

You will need to setup the database on your new host and specify the new connection parameters for the new database. Usually you can set up your MySQL databases through your web control panel using something like phpmyadmin. You will need to “export” your database from the old host and then “import” into the new host.

Hello march-hare

thank you for your reply,

yes I thought as you say,

so I uploaded the exported Data base onto the new Host,

so now Exported Data Base, and Exported Files/Script all on new Host,

yet no change, same ERROR message.

Does anyone know how to Upload an exported website Back-up?

so somewhere your app must be connecting to your database…in this script, you need to make sure the database name, database user id, password and hostname are all correct for the new host. At least it sounds like that’s what is wrong. Perhaps you should post some of your code?

Hello march-hare

appreciate your reply,

a back-up is made, the back-up is downloaded, 2 files, 1 script all folders & files, 2nd Database,

these are then uploaded to a new Host.

is that the way it is done? upload the Back-up copy? or ?

the script is working well before back-up,

how to resurrect a back-up ? is it just a case of uploading the Files & Database to the new host? or?