Backup of feed including visuals



I've been looking for some good tools to back up my FriendFeed Atom "rss" feed. I've done a lot of Googling and tested several programs and WordPress plugins, but I still haven't found a satisfying solution.

Basically, I would like a copy of the feed to download or keep on my own website. I really like the visual embedding that FriendFeed shows (youtube screenshots, yelp maps, flickr thumbnails), but I can't find a way to duplicate their interface. RSSOwl can make a good HTML backup, but it only links to the image embedding, it doesn't actually download the content. I do like the easy-searchability of the RSSOwl HTML, too, particularly since FriendFeed's search functionality is pretty lousy.

So can anyone think of a tool with these two features? (1) Archive of feed visuals and (2) easy searchability of complete feed history.

Take a look at the FriendFeed embed on my website to see what it looks like.

J. J.


I've been trying to find a solution to this off and on for several months. I've also asked this on Yahoo! Answers

FriendFeed Feedback

... and hopefully Aardvark ( once their site is back up from maintenance.

J. J.