Backlinks are permanent or temporary?

I have created more backlinks for my site, i need to know whether all those backlinks are permanent or temporary???

You can check all your backlinks using google webmasters tools.

Not the all backlinks are permanent, It always depend on the site owner who is showing your link at his/her site.
Some of the Directories offers you the best which provides you permanent links.

No such thing as permanent links.

Yes, it is true that nothing is permanent. Mostly back links are temporary. They stay there 1-3 months. After that admin delet the link

It depends backlinks from link farms and paid links are often temporary. Also, if a site removes the content or area you posted in, then that link is no longer crawled by Google’s spiders, and thus the algorithm will no longer recognize your backlink.

In link exchange the links are permanent generally. Blog commenting & article submission can provide you with permanent links. You can regularly check your back links using yahoo site explorer. Creating links from quality sites or the sites that close comments after a week or so can help you in getting a permanent link.

If you’re getting worthless links on spam-filled link farms and other such rubbish then yes, they probably will disappear pretty quickly. On the other hand, if you’re getting valuable links on worthwhile sites - links that people want to give you, because they think your site will be useful for their visitors - then those links are likely to stick around for a lot longer.

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  Anyone can please tell me how to increase and get dofollow backlinks for my websites?


Provide content that people WANT to link to.

Backlinks are not really permanent. Because lately all the backlinks of my sites declined after the new Google panda came. But some are remains.

Can be relatively permanent. Your backlink will be alive until
(a). the admin decides to remove it or (b).the site it self goes down.

If non of this happens you can actually have permanent backlinks, and they will continue to send you juices as they grow in authority overtime.

Sorry friend can you able to tell me some more…

Is their any permanent backlinks site???

Moderators cant keep every old thing in their box, they have to constantly trashing the stuff to manage load time and latency and also if you are posting junk and not relevant content, your chance to get that link stick is pretty low with HIGH PR websites.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I read about Angela Backlinks. Are these any good?

Yes we can’t said all the backlinks are permanent, its totally depends on websites admin. here i can said one good example. while you posting a article in wordpress sites they will removed after 15 days in most of the websites. if again you check that links it will shows 404 error.

ok friend, thanks for your reply. can you able to suggest me some links for permanent backlinks…

Depends on your back-link strategies. If you write unique content and submit it to squidoo or wordpress then it will be permanent backlinks. If you comments on some one blog and blog moderator wont find it informative then it will be deleted.