Background link image

I am using a image for my active link background and the problem is i m using a class of active to link to the anchor of current page. but now my pages aren’t static anymore coz i wanna use cms. is there a way i can just use that background image in css using pseduo class? coz my menu is generated dynamically now

Culd u spl wrds owt ;)? Sorry…but if you are wondering how you can get current “current page” for your website, you can do one of the options listed here

Usually a CMS will make menu creation and current links much easier, so all you need to do is a simple CSS tweak. If you post a link to the page, we can suggest what code to use.

Ralph.m - Thanks i figured it out and its working.
Ryan - I m weak on grammer :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s ok , I was just teasing about the grammar/spelling :). Good job figuring it out though nofel.

I know! if i can have grammer and spelling website to learn from. it would be great. and thank God u don’t have go though again n again like u did last time with layout :stuck_out_tongue: