Background image

how i can make Random Background Image on Refresh.background image change when refresh

For this issue you need to read server side image scripting. This help you to change images automatically when page get refreshed.
I think you must read what is server site image scripting and what is client side image scripting. On net you get lots of material regarding this

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You can do it either by using javascript or the server side language that you are using like php. The basic concept would be to have some background images named as 1.jpg, 2.jpg…n.jpg. And on the load on page (in case of javascript), set the background to some “random number”.jpg . To generate this random number you can use the math.random() and math.floor (methods). Its quite easy task. Alternatively you can use php also.

Yeah - I am also Going to Suggest that :slight_smile:

that is either a server side issue or javascript issue. I don’t think this can be done using just presentation or structure layer of a web page.