Background image not showing now

Ok so i started on this the other day and got side tracked and the background image worked, looked good and scaled like i wanted it too. I come back to day and its not showing for some reason the code is the same the image in still were its being named but its just now showing the image and i dont know why.
Index.html (347 Bytes) default.css (140 Bytes)

This is your default.css

<style type="text/css">
 background:url(images/bg_image.jpg) #000000 no-repeat center top;
 background-size: 100%;


The <style> tag isn’t needed since you have an external file already. Remove the <style> Your rule could also be shortened to this

     background:#000 url(images/bg_image.jpg) no-repeat center top;

Also make sure that FROM your CSS file, the image path is correct. From your default.css file…look in that folder. Your URL says that inside the default.css folder, there is an images folder, and inside that is the background image.

Thank you, getting ride of the style tags did it. Wonder why it worked before and decided to have a fit.

Unsure - perhaps you were viewing a cached version of it and it didn’t register the <style> tag.