Background image issue on iPhone


Quick question:

I have designed a new site, looks good in all resolutions from 1024 right up to very high.

I used a big photo of the sky as a background in a fixed position.

When I check it out on the iPhone the picture cuts off half way down the page due to their weird resolution.

What should I do to work around this?

Unfortunately, the iphone doesn’t understand fixed positioning. Can’t you make an image that fades into the background or perhaps just repeats forever which should give those that doesn’t understand fixed positioning something usable.

Thanks Paul.

I just used an image gradient background now.

Is it difficult to create some sort of rule that would use a stylesheet for the iPhone or webkit mobile, and a regular style sheet for PCs/Laptops etc ?

You can target some devices such as the iphone using media queries. However a better approach is to reverse the process and add enhancements for more capable browsers instead [URL=“”]as shown in this slideshow.

Interesting slideshow!

Cheers :cool: