Background colour of nav bar when over content with the same background?

Hi there,

I have the following sticky nav bar:

II also have some content sections on my homepage that have the same background colour so the nav becomes hard to see, a bit like this:

I am wondering the best way to stop this happening. Should I invert the colours, maybe making it white when it scrolls? Or maybe add a shadow or border to the bottom of the nav?

Has anyone else come across this issue and how have you resolved it?

Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks

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Try making the navbar background the same dark blue colour as “Latest Business Listings” and make the navbar text white and bold.

Thanks for the reply.

I have tried a few options with that as one. I also have that blue as a background section on the page too, so that may get lost when on top of that section.

The majority of my inside pages will be white/grey so it’s really just the homepage I am having this issue with.

or just a simple border on the bottom of the navbar?


Yes that could work. I’m thinking a 2-3px border in a darker shade of green.

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