Background color now showing

For some reason my white background won’t show. I’ve looked over my code, but can’t figure out what the problem is. It was fine before putting it into wordpress. thx

#ContentWrapper {
margin:-16px auto 0px auto;


The white is definitely showing through in Firefox. It’s in the top of the page. What area are you expecting it to fill?

There’s an error in your code, whereby the wrapper ends too early. Maybe run the site through the validator to see where the error is occurring. Then you’ll have to tweak your theme to fix it.

Yea I was thinking that the wrapper was ending early. I don’t see it, but will look at it again.

The validator makes it pretty clear where the errors are:

Got it. thx.

Way to go! If you are willing to change the HTML5 tags <section> and <footer> to <div>s, you’ll clean up ALL but 2 of the remaining validation errors. I think a stray </p> and a stray </div> might show up afterwards. Not sure (they are actually the ones to be concerned about.). Cheers.