Background Color Not showing

Hi I have one issue. I am making a website in which i have given “content” div which caothain all main content divs. But “content” div not showing backgroud color(#b3e7fe). its howing background image used in body. if i give hieght than it show bg color.
the url is as below

I have sort hout the problem. I have not given clear:both after finishing float.

it looks like you are not clearing the floats, which essentially means your content div is collapsing to nothing. In another words , your bg color is there, there is just not any bg.

Try adding overflow:hidden to your content div.

hope that helps

Sounds like you need to contain your floats. Just pick one that works for you.

Thank you all. i have sort our issue. I really approtiate your suggestions. I will take care next time. Thanks again :slight_smile: