"Back to index" or "return to index"- FAQ page text question

Hi all just having a debate, on an FAQ page client has a link after each answer with the text “return to index” . We thought that “back to index” could be a better option but what do you think? Thanks

[FONT=verdana]There’s only one answer to that question: Do whichever the client prefers. It doesn’t make a scrap of difference which phrase you choose, so if the client has a preference for one of them, why would you want to use the other?

Having said that, I would personally do neither. My choice would be “FAQ index”. That’s because the person viewing the page might have come straight to it via a search engine or external link, so neither “back to” nor “return” would be appropriate.


Interesting stuff Mike never though about the person coming from a search engine. Couldn’t return many results for back to or return to texts in search engines. We went with your excellent suggestion, thanks!

I’m all for being concise, but that’s a little too bare-bones for me. I think I would preface it with a “The”. Otherwise, it might be construed as "you get more answers to this question from the index. Not so sure my point is clear, but I hope you get what i mean.

I’d make it “FAQ Index” too, just so the people would have an idea which index they’re going to. I was going to say just “Index” but suddenly came up: Would the people know where exactly they’ll be going? Well, if you have that index under a directory, and the visitor’s the type that hovers on a link to see where he or she will be at, I guess that would be fine. But not all people who are spending their time on the Internet are doing that, right?

I’m all for Mike’s suggestion here. :smiley: