Awwwards Websites

How do you create or recreate awwwards websites to practice?

Go to the sites you like, open it in developer mode (or do a view source) and start playing.

Developer mode is great when you’re dealing with a specific element you want to replicate. Look at the structure of the page, look at the css being applied. Then open a blank page and start working to see if you can duplicate it.

Trial/Error is the best way to learn.

Or is a great site to use to learn. You can fork any codepen site and play with elements and see how they behave live. I look at the trending section all the time to pick up ideas.

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Thank you! But sometimes the code is not there for the css or js files or it’s blocked off. How do you get around that? Also, how can you tell what frameworks or libraries they used and where it’s implemented?

It’s there - you have to dig for it.

The sources tab is your friend. If your browser uses it to render a page, it tells you there.


If you install Chris Pedrick’s Web developer extension, you get easy access to a lot of information, including “View CSS” and “View JavaScript” options.


ok thank you I’ll check it out!

Ok thank you I’ll look into it more!

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