Avatar packs

Hi all,

Could anyone point me to a place where I can get a few, free, avatar packs? I need them for a phpBB2 forum I’ve just set up. I’ve searched the web and can’t seem to find any. Cheers.

here’s a site where ull find a list of avatar containig sites-(checout the bottom half)


You may have seen these since they are on the phpBB site, but here are some more avatar packs: http://www.phpbb.com/styles/downloads/index.php?t=sub_pages&cat=10

http://www.vbulletin.com/forum - then click on the Graphics and Styles forum. While it’s not for phpBB, it should work since they are just graphics.

This thread is a bit old, but seemed better to bump this than post a new thread for this.

AllAvatars has posted a new avatar pack that is pretty decent quality. Thought I’d share it. The avatars are 100x100 pixels and are from various categories.

Download page for the avatar pack http://www.allavatars.com/info/avatar-pack.php

find here

Seems a good question so posting here even it is a very old thread.

Get the free PHPBB2 avatars free packs in PHPBB Hacks .

i love to keep avatar pics :slight_smile: thanks for the links. these were useful for me