Automating syncing of image names across a website?

Hi, really new to this so please bear with me.

I have a website with about 1000 images which over the years have been badly named.

  1. Is there software, plugins, methods etc to somehow automatically update all instances of an images file name in the html across multiple pages when the file name is changed in the root folder?

  2. Also is there a way to automate the process if the images folder structure is changed?

It’s the sort of the thing that Dreamweaver 8 could do very well on a local copy of the site. However, I don’t know if the cloud versions of Dw can do this. Of course, it would mean uploading pretty much the whole site again.

I would rather choose for (free) or PhpStorm (not free)

Thanks for this. Is this possible in the base version of the software? Or is there a specific plugin?

Well I tought that you can search trought the project using control + shift + F (php storm I tought).
But you have to look it up and no you don’t need a plug-in (else I would added to the post anyway)

That’s not exactly “automatic” though, is it?!

So is there an option to auto update the <img src="myimage.jpg’> file path if the image name and location change in the rootfolder?

  1. Yes, you load everything in one project and search an replace (also with a pregmatch)
  2. Hello pregmatch

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