Automatic loginto local sever

Hey there.
I am preparing an art exhibition and want to provide some information about my installations over my local network to my guests at site. I have no big financial budget and thought just to design some pages in html and access this folder by a local server. I set up a zwamp server and can access my data over wifi as imagined.
I would like to serve my data without password. I am doing it currently over a hostednetwork, yes I am working on windows :wink: and it it is not possible leave the pw blank.
But this would still be doable to provide a pw to the guests.
Next thing is actually my question: How can I automatically redirect or connect the users to my ip and with that to my local server. It is of course possible to type my computers ip but that is not very comfortable to type password and afterwards ip numbers.
Is there some possibility that I can create a automatic redirect to my computers ip after accessing the network over wifi that the audience would be automatically connected to my server?
Thanks for you help!

If its just static information I would recommend just printing it and not give guest yet another excuse to get their phone out of their pocket.

That being said, I know there are some routers that can do what you ask, but those are not consumer grade (meaning harder to come by and expensive).

If you have a domain name I would just add a DNS entry to it that points to your IP. It won’t work outside your local network, but it will when connected to the local network.

So you can create for example which is a lot easier to communicate than an IP address.

I like the idea with the DNS pointing to my ip. But don’t I need internet for that? I won’t have…

With this solution I will still have to provide this subdomain name. Easier to type than an ip but still no automatic login…


I assumed there would be Internet. If not, and you have control over DHCP settings you can run your own local DNS server and put that as the DNS server in DHCP for everyone on your network. That would remove the need for entering an IP.

Might become a bit more trouble than it’s worth though.

That sounds cool. I will have a look…
Thanks so far;-)

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