Automatic installation of PWA

I am trying to install PWA in different browsers. Automatically. But browsers have different ways to do this.

New Chrome > completely automatic
Old Chrome > manual
Edge > manual
New Safari > manual

Old Safari > Not possible AFAIK
Opera and Firefox > Found no way to install PWA

Chrome > manual
Edge > manual

Chrome > manual

Safari > manual

Chrome > manual

Is there anyone that have done this and have managed to do this automatically on any other browser then the latest Chrome?

You’re telling us that chrome on mac can install something on the user’s computer without their authorization?

No. But saying YES two times opens the PWA “automatically”.

On other browser you need to find a “hidden button” somewhere, which may differs from browser to browser. And some browser you have to know how to open.

And Opera and Firefox is not supporting PWA AFAIK.

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