Autofill web form with a variable

I have an HTML form embedded in a .php file. The .php file calls various rows from a database. When this form loads, I used ‘autofocus’ to have the cursor automatically centers in the first text field. How do I have another of the fields automatically load with a variable?

You want to output a value attribute on the inputs e.g.

echo "<input value=\"{$value}\">"
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Sorry, I don’t want to echo anything to the screen. I want to the text area to autofill with a pulled variable. I attempted what you offered. Didn’t work.

Your said text area. Are you referring to <textarea></textarea> tags?
If that’s the case, they don’t have a value=“” attribute.
You put the variable between the tags. e.g.

echo '<textarea>' . $value . '</textarea>';

or if not echoing whole line.

<textarea><?php echo $value;?></textarea>

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