Auto Width Sitepoint Menu


i m using this tutorial for drop down menus

How can i make the drop down menu div auto width

i tried

ul#menu li.mega div {
border: 1px solid #dda;
[COLOR="#FF0000"]width: auto;[/COLOR]
position: absolute;
top: 1.6em;
left: 0em;
padding: 1.3em;
background: #ffc;
color: #930;

but it didnt worked for me as auto width


Can you show us your example?

I posted it in the thread also.

here it is again

i want drop down menu to expand horizontally based on content


O, sorry … I thought it was a SitePoint link. :blush:

You could try something like this:

ul#menu li.hovering div {
  display: table;

hi ralph

i tried display:table but nothing happens in firefox.

In IE-7 nothing the drop downs didnt even show up. They got hide in IE-7.

updated in this link below