Auto-Updating jQuery... Wise Idea?

Hi everyone,
I am wondering what your thoughts are on using a script such as this one that Google hosts for auto-updated version of jQuery:

Is it a good idea to use this? I noticed that doing a site scan on it tells me to update jQuery for older browsers, but doing so is kind of redundant and time consuming, especially if I have over ten websites that I wish to update every time a new version comes out.

What are your thoughts on using Google API for sourcing an up to date version of jQuery?


I don’t do it, as it is prone to break things as the library evolves and things get deprecated.

As an example: jQuery’s toggle event function has been removed as part of version 1.9.

So in 1.8.x this worked:

$('#example').toggle(function() {
    do stuff
}, function() {
    do stuff

in 1.9.x it doesn’t.

For me, this is a good reason to specify a version and stick to it.

Also, the jump from 1.9 to 2.0 will be quite extreme as jQuery is dropping support for IE6, 7 and 8 (yippee).