Auto Twitter Follower Tool

I’m sorry for everybody if this note not n the right room…
I just wanna ask for you all…
is there any tool how to add auto follower on twitter?? [for free]…

There are countless Auto Twitter Follower Tools but it is not recommended to use them. This is considered as a spamming process and you may get banned from twitter or twitter may also disable your account for doing such activities.

The best way to get Twitter followers is to do it the natural way. Let’s say your blog is about fitness. Go on Twitter and find someone who is a popular authority on fitness, and friend their followers. It might take longer that you would like but it’s an effective way of getting the type of followers you are looking for. Using an auto Twitter follower tool is a definite no no.

Hope that helps:cool: will allow you to auto-follow people on twitter that follow you.

Why would you want to auto follow people? Following your followers is often a good idea but really something you should do if they are engaging with you, relevant to you, or of interest. You don’t want to follow spam accounts or accounts that are unrelated. While most people who follow you are in a similar area, not all will be… Look at who before you hit follow.

There is one tool, which can increase your followers, Tweetboard is name of the tool, installation is difficult as its alpha version is released now, for more details google it.

And what are the results of said tool? How does it address the twitter terms of service?

Be careful. Twitter might suspend yoru account if you follow too many people in a short period. my 2 cents

Used to be but Twitter has tightened the ropes on apps twitter tools and apps. Also, really it wasn’t recommended to use anyway. You don’t want to randomly follow everyone that follows you. You need to be more specific than that if you plan to build a Twitter group for your niche.

manual process is the best. auto tools not only do spamming but also they didn’t give quality work.

This type of no any tool now which is use auto twitter follower tool
so this is impossible …

Post tweet for the many time about interesting story. That is the tool for make follower on Twitter. :smiley:

Check out, you can get credits there much faster, you can also get more twitter followers, facebook fans, youtube subscribers and video views.

Long tweeting defies the purpose of micro-blogging and certainly isn’t going to make it any more profitable or followed than a short tweet. It’s exposure and what you have to say that matters.

If this kinds of tools are considered as spamming so why twitter allow to accessible on it.:rolleyes:

These auto tools are really annoying…I hate that everyone has automated their direct messages as well. You send someone a genuine message and get back an automated one!

Automation is a sign that the account is not one you should be following or engaging with, much like people who spam forums or blast facebook communications.

Yea I guess…but the thing is that they otherwise seem like interesting people with interesting things to say or tweet about…all that’s probably automated as well…anyway thanks for the advice!

socialoomph is the best tool for tweeter but it only Auto-follow those who are follwing you

I was surprised to see that Twitter doesn’t already have that as an option, but on the other hand, you may not want to follow all those who are following you.