'Auto Mobile version'?

I went to a talk a while back where a guy talking about designing for mobile platforms mentioned a couple of tools that would create a style sheet for you. I’ve lost my (paper) notebook. Based on your existing full size design, you could include a file that would create a mobile style sheet… or something to that affect.

Does anyone know the thingo I might be referring to?

Thanks so much.

This really should be moved to the CSS Section. Although I think you are looking for “CSS Mobile Profile” and Generators.

Actually, no you wouldn’t. There’s no such thing as a CSS Mobile Profile Generator. :slight_smile:

There are tools which can turn an existing website into a version you can host separately (such as on a subdomain like m.yoursite.com) to make it mobile friendly - for people who want the speedier interaction. But there isn’t a method in place where you can simply add a stylesheet and make your existing site mobile friendly. Partly because some issues in relation to mobile devices are down to the level of content (and scrolling), the size of images (mobile versions need scaled down ones) and the markup being used (tables aren’t required but columns are a bad idea). Trying to make a CSS stylesheet which will work for mobile devices is next to impossible (in terms of adapting your existing site), the handheld at-rule doesn’t work on most modern devices (most use screen or screen and handheld), CSS3 at-rules are something else rarely supported and using scripts to detect and redirect are too easy to spoof and require weekly updates.

What I think you were after (from a speech) might be this: http://www.mobify.me/ :slight_smile:

Thankyou for the clarification and link.

That looks like the kind of thing I was trying to think of.