Auto Height question


I’m working on this project. I’m trying to get the page to auto height.

About | Mixers Lounge
Menu | Mixers Lounge

Right now they are set to fixed heights. If I try and remove the fixed height and change it to 100% or auto. Then the content just goes below the footer.

I’m not sure how to fix this.

I also know that the css is whacked out in some places. I have to convert this into wordpress and the other guy had the css and html in the original all over the place. Tons of CSS files, Inline elements, and internal styles. Containers in containers in containers. :injured: I’m still trying to make sense of it all but for right now I’m trying to convert it to wordpress and get it up.


That’s because you have position: absolute on those elements. The problem with positioning like this is that the element is taken out of the flow of the document, meaning that the other elements don’t know it’s there and so cover it over or slip underneath. Position:absolute should only be used in rare situations where a little bit of decoration or something else needs to be placed somewhere. Using it for major page layout is a disaster, as you’ve found.

Remove pos:abs from everything, and then for columns, use float: left etc. Any problems that arise from this tidy up we can help you to sort out next. :slight_smile:

That solved the problem. Once I removed the pos:absol I was able to move things around and get it working properly.