Auto generated file :(

Had an album mod made and it seems to be creating these files automatically. They all start like: pThumb

Anyone know how I can stop this?

I was told it was a behavior of php

5 years ago when i used a script called gcards ,i have seen that :slight_smile:

any way problem may be (which is in most of the cases…)
They are generating thumbnail in fly at runtime (not during time of upload)
but rather than just outputting it to screen,they output the file to filesystem as well (may be they heard of unlimited hosting plans :smiley: )
so infact is not trozon like generating itself but being created when user views your image.
Solution for it…
just output to browser only (see the file that is used to view image or may be fuction …)
remove the file that is outputting to filesystem

Anyone else have any input on this?