Auto Fill

hey guys,

i’m kinda new to the SQL scripting world. i was wondering if i could get some help in a script that would do the following

When selecting male or female auto fill in the appropriate blanks.
the idea is i’m trying to write a Kids book that lets them make there own adventure. So what would happen is as an example they could select

“I’m A boy/girl”

and in the story two different possibilities would come up that being

A: (Boy option selected)
He grabs his Sword and prepares himself for battle

B: (Girl Option Selected)
She Grabs Her Sword and Prepares herself for battle

the only way i can figure out how to do it so far is by making them select “S/he, His/Her, Herself/Himself” ext… but i wanna make it one simple button…

i’m hoping the script for this wouldent be to hard, i’m also not sure if it would be Java or what the script type would need to be… what i’m hoping is to have some thing like

i’m a Boy {radio button} girl{Radio Button}

then say down the code had the following buttons but hidden from view.
(this is if they selected boy)
His {X} Her {}
he {X} She{}
Himself {X} Herself{}


is this posible?