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I’m new to Perl but the company I work for has just bought a new CMS / booking reservation website which is hosted by an external company and it runs on Perl.

I’m trying to find out whether there is a way of creating a auto-complete search form for our site. There isn’t any search functionality built in to the system for the front-end which is annoying.

Our current solution which is built in .Net C# allows customers to type in a destination or hotel and the search will suggest places as soon as you start typing. This is useful as customers don’t need to worry about spelling so much.

The company say they can provide us a CSV file which we can search, is this a good option or should I see if we can get access to the destination and hotel location DB tables?

Hope someone can help, thanks.

I would think that as long as the CSV file contains the same information you need to do an auto-complete, there would be no need to hit the database to extract that same information.

The key consideration being “the same”.

If ever the information became different the CSV file would need to be updated so it was in sync with the database.

As far as Perl being able to work with CSV - yes,

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