Audio / video speed increser software

I want to ask that how can i increase playing speed by software. i want to edit playing speed and save it. after playing speed increased. Now i want, whenever i will play that audio / video file it always run in that speed what i have selected. plz tell me any software for audio / video playing speed increaser.
in the end i do not want any player, i want software that can help me to edit the playing speed.

I have used Audio speed increase software MP3 Speed. It is a simple-to-use application that allows you to increase or decrease the speed of your audio tracks.

One limitation is it supports only the MP3 format.

The lion,

Unfortunately features like this that are really good are only in higher end video editing software. One thing you could try is Adobe Premiere Elements which is a dumbed down version of Adobe Premiere pro. That program should allow you to increase the speed of audio and video by thousands of percentage points.

Here is an example of a video done with that software,

Here is a link to the elements software (note that you can do the free trial and probably get one video out of it).

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VLC (a media player) offers the ability speed up or slow down playback using the + or - keys on your keyboard.

It’s a fairly simple solution if this is for your own use.

If you want to increase the speed of both audio and video you should be a professional but any ways i would help you you can use either Premier pro from both audio and video and sound forge for audio