Audio and browser interpretation

I stumbled upon this article.

The reason for posting was this part:

There are so many embedding media such as but in terms of browser recognizing it and playing it what is the interconnection of such audio to the browser?

The file is kept at the server(or downloaded from the server to the browser) and when we hit play it starts playing so it is the browser that is interpreting and then playing. If I want to know more about this what term should I search for?

Same connection that a video has. An embedded player pushes audio data into the browser’s sound output channel.

I’m not sure what about this is what you’re focusing on, so it’s hard to give any further response. Part of the browser’s (well, most browsers at least) functionality is to output sound.

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A website, which has a feature of uploading audio files for a backend admin, and then in the front-end we have to show in the pages where visiting users can play them. I want to do this w/o using any third-party service such as

Not an issue.

Exploring this.

My response to that is “Be very, very careful.”

There’s a reason YouTube and Soundcloud have large algorithms to detect copyrighted uploads…

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Copyright violation wont be an issue. Authors will upload their own audio content: A possible possibility.

And what stops an ‘author’ from uploading the latest hit pop song?

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What I am willing and aspiring to build, the cipyright violation is not my concern because that will used on webmasters/owners own website not mine.

A plugin, for example.

Mkay… inventing the tool for self destruction i’m sure carries no responsibility…

An audio player will play audio from any valid URL, including a URL on the same site.

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Ok so audio players requires an audio URL.

In the same way that a img tag requires a picture URL, yes.

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Like this →


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