Attention Web Pros...How would you go about doing this?

Hi Everybody!

I’m starting a web design firm in my local resort town, but unlike most of you am not a web development/design guru. My role in the company would be purely sales,day to day operations, and project management… all talent would have to be brought in as staff or freelanced out.

Any advice as to whether it’s better to hire local staff or freelance? I’m leaning toward hiring at least one developer/programmer, one designer, and freelancing everything else out, but not sure this is the best way to go about it.

My biggest question is that I just don’t know how easy (or hard) it will be to hire those crucial quality employees. How do you, as web pros, view the job market in general? Are jobs like the one I’d be offering in demand or will I be hard pressed to find a quality person bc they’d rather be working freelance or for themselves?

Is it dumb to hire at all bc there are lots of quality freelancers around to partner with?

How would you set it up? Any thoughts much appreciated!


If you’re offering a good wage, I think you can find lots of quality people. There is a lot of business-y aspects that are required in freelancing that a lot of developers would rather not deal with.

Now, the tricky part for someone who is non-technical is figuring out whether or not you’re looking at quality applicants.

I think your approach is pretty sound. One good developer and designer, and if you need more, freelance. If you find yourself freelancing a lot, it may be time to bring in a few more people, but that would happen as you grow.

Sounds like you are jumping into a business with no experience and already deciding how many resources you will need.

I’d DEFINITELY use contract/freelancers until you are established and know what you are doing. An underutilized employee is an expensive mistake.

Yeah, go with contract freelancers. If you’re looking to hire full-time employees, you’ll have to provide their benefits, decent salaries, etc.