Atom 1.0 Release

We’ve touched on Atom editor in conversations before, I was just curious what anyone thought about it now that they’ve released their first version? I haven’t tried out 1.0 yet, last time I tried it was a long time ago during testing and I found it interesting, but buggy as can be. Hoping to have the chance to give it a spin this week.

Did you see their video announcement? -

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I tried it out at the weekend, couldn’t get any custom packages to work, and the auto complete for HTML seems a bit lacking to what I’m used to.

I gave up and uninstalled it :frowning:

I tried to switch to using it for my full-time work, but ended up giving up and switching back to Brackets.

It won’t be replacing PHPStorm but it might have a chance replacing TextWrangler.

Yeah, if I try it out it’d be competing with ST3 for my quick text editor, not with PHPStorm.

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