Asynchronously Load Images in a Certain Div

I’d like to load images in my #featured div after the page has finished loading.
Thanks in advance for any help

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Try searching for “html page load faster image subdomain”.

Using subdomains does make a difference and especially if the image dimensions are specified because I think the browser only displays the page once and the blanks are filled in when the images are downloaded.

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U use MaxCDN with a subdomain

No I do not use a CDN, fortunately I run on a very fast server and load all thumbnails from a subdomain on my own server.

I’m sorry, that was a typo. I never use ‘U’ for ‘you’.
I meant to say that I do

I was thinking maybe javascript to accomplish this

Loading an additional JavaScript file is not necessary and will actually increase your page loading time.

Just load your images from your own sub domain. According to all the search results I have read and also trying the examples it is very effective.

Thanks. I know loading from a sub-domain(cdn) improves load time, but im specifically looking to load images once the site has loaded. With my setup on MaxCDN, I think what you’re talking about isn’t possible.

As far as I know a sub-domain has nothing to do with a CDN.

I think the CDN caches and stores all the data from your web pages. Subsequent requests for a page on your site will be supplied from a single CDN cached file.

May I ask the URL of your site?

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