Assistance Required for Unique Select Statement


I am developing a simple blog which connects to a database.
I have a table called pb_posts which consists of an id, title, content, and tags.
The tags are a text field like this: hello, world, first, post.

I have a page called search.php that I want to select post titles where the tags contain the searched key.
For example, if I were to search for “world”, I want the post with the tag “world” in it to appear.
Does that make sense?

I’ve attempted to dot his with a LIKE statement, but it didn’t work if it wanted to display more than one result.
And yes, I was using a WHILE statement, too.

Any ideas?

wish i could see that from here, but i can’t

As rudy said, there’s no way we can guess at your problem without seeing your code.

Actually, I figured it out. Ha ha. Thank you anyways. :slight_smile: