Assistance needed: slide show, adding loop function

Hi ~ I have a slide show I created using code I downloaded and which I altered some to accommodate my images, buttons, etc.

My client would like it to loop instead of stopping at the last slide, have it begin with the first slide and display only full slides, not a partial one on the left as it is currently doing.

I am having difficulty figuring out where/if I can change the code to allow all of these things to happen.

I would very much appreciate it if someone could take a look and advise as to how I might make these changes.

Thank you in advance for any assistance or recommendations you can provide.


the had the same problem a while back and i used jCarousel by jan sorgalla. i think that one will work for the continuous loop animation. see this example

its static, circular. it rotates with 3 images when we click once. It can be changed by editing the CSS.

Thank you ravi_k47. That worked quite nicely. Easy to change to my liking and can also change to rotate one image at a time if I wish.