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How can I and is it possible to call out a ASPX form with just using HTML?
I have a .aspx page with a contact form in it and I am using a this Iframe
to get it but it does not work.

<iframe src="/FORMA.aspx" id="frame" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

If it’s on the same domain, could you .load() it via jQuery?

Yes it is and how do I use .load() it via jQuery?

I’m sure you can find many examples of it on Google :slight_smile: . Let us know if you run into any snags.

$( "#frame" ).load( "FORMA.aspx" );

naw didnt work.

That’s too minimal of an example to do any actual debugging. Could we get more code?

Your code doesn’t call just hte iframe. Did you see that you can pass elements through .load() to only load certain parts of hte page?

Did you include jQuery?

Posting 1 line of jQuery isn’t enough to actually tell what’s going on :slight_smile: .

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.load() is an AJAX request. It doesn’t work on frames.

<div id="formcontainer"></div>

But if your path on the iFrame source is bad, this probably isn’t going to work either.

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Have a div or something. Load the form into that div.

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It worked. Is this Jquery load used for other loading other pages with different languages?
I couldnt really understand it from their website.

Once the page is rendered, it’s HTML/CSS/JS and the backend language used to render it is irrelevant to anyone but the server.

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