with doubt

Hello friends i am new to this world so any one can help me like how to connect to the mysql database from with i mean
<script language=vbscript>
inside this how can i connect the database…

like in php we use session to call the value from one page to another so in how we can call the value of one asp page to the another one…i dont need like using action=“pagename” other method i think friends you understand…

so waiting for the reply…

you have add the connection string in your web.config file and call that connection string in other pages to access database, there are variety of ways.

remember is not like classic asp or php.

eg. connectionstring for mysql in web.config

<clear />
<add name=“mysqlConnectionString” connectionString=“server=servername;PORT=3306;database=databasename;user=username;pwd=password;”
providerName=“MySql.Data.MySqlClient” />


BTW for mysql to work with u need .net connector , which can be downloaded from

thank you friend for giving a reply with usefull information just tell how to call a value of a textbox to another aspx page like i need to know how to pass this value to another aspx page please explain that too so wht i can improve my knowledge… is not a scripting language like PHP or classic asp. It is an object oriented and event driven language.

almost all the operations are executed in a single page, we donot pass values from one page to other page (most of the times) using the form action=“otherpage.php” and then capturing the values using the forms collection.

All the actions are carried in the code behind of single page.

to capture the value of text field

aspx page

<asp:TextBox ID=“TextBox1” runat=“server”></asp:TextBox>

.cs codebehind file

string txtName = TextBox1.Value.ToString();

the above is a c# code, it is should be similar in VB

As said above. Just on a textbox you need to use the .Text property and the .Value. The .ToString() method is also not needed, but will not hurt.

I was under the impression that this problem would require the “.Text” property, and “.Value” would be used for a dropdown list? If you can use both for the same solution, hey you can learn something new everyday.

ok friend can i ask some thing if i am making a login page with i verified the username and password with the database and i will go to the inner page tht is secound page where how can i call that username tht was my doubt just clear it if you know a path way and i am tring to make a web through the… with vb so what pls help me through step by step process…

Have you tried Google? I’m sure nobody here is going to show you the step-by-step process to accomplish you solution. But, check out MS Login control, it could solve your problem.

ya , there is no value property for text box.


string txtName = TextBox1.Text;

ok thnak you for the correction how we can use the css in like for the page aligning in required way can we call the link reference in the…page…

you start learning from here

You add a css link to an page just like u do any html or php page