how much ASP.NET included in .NET because i am new learner in ASP.NET.

ASP.NET is .NET, .NET is ASP.NET. They are one in the same.

Well, not exactly. ASP.NET is for websites. .NET is the platform. C#.NET can also be used for windows forms and then it is not ASP.NET. If that makes any sense. lol.

.NET is basically a set of CLR classes for runtime. ASP.NET is just the web version of that.

And you can even use technologies to serve HTTP stuff – like manos de mono or nancy or some self-hosted options.

To help clarify: the term ASP is an acronym for Active Server Pages, which was coined some years ago. ASP.NET makes use the core .NET framework to accomplish it’s goals, and is available in several languages (E.G. C#, VB).

that kind of exactly same mostly i mean to say .net or both are similar. When you add .net you imply you are using the .net framework. The .net framework behaves similar to Java in which it compiles down to an IL and then gets interpreted by the framework. is the web piece of the .net framework. That is a brief overview. There is a lot more that go on with it. I hope that helps out more.
.Net Framework is the platform, where the application runs. The applications are of 3 types - Windows Forms, Web and Console applications. Normally, the web application part of the .Net Framework is known as . Just look at the figure and see where the comes in .Net Framework.

To add further, ASP is interpreted language while ASP.NET is compiled language. ASP uses scripting language for coding while ASP.NET makes use of server side language like C#, VB etc.

The older technology ASP is combined with .Net framework to make ASP.NET. Dot Net is a technology which can run a lot of different programming languages so basically its a platform for different programming languages.