Artists' community website

I’d like to create a website for an Artists’ Community.
What I want is:

  1. The website to have an Administrator
  2. Each user to have his/her own subsite: or
    with 3 pages: About, Portfolio, Contact
  3. The user can edit only his/her own pages but the Admin has all the privileges

Is there any CMS which already does this?
Need some advices please!


Hi Roadie,

These probably do get close at doing what you’re looking for. All of these solutions are well-suited for social networking type of sites.

a) WordPress MU combined with [URL=“”]BuddyPress.

That combination allows you to give your users the ability to setup their own blogs.

b) Elgg

You can also let your users create their own blogs.

c) Pligg

Not sure about the multiple blog options here, but worth a look as well.

I don’t think there’s a single solution can fulfill all your needs. You may need to build the site yourself or find a programmer. You can find a few scripts and put them together.

This -and more- can easily be done with Drupal.

Go through the showcases there, it will give you ideas.
I could swear I saw an arts community mentioned there but can’t seem to find it now.

In any case, what you seem to require comes with the default package. You won’t need too much hacking.