Article: Introducing the SitePoint Sass Reference

Extract from the SitePoint article “Introducing the SitePoint Sass Reference” by Hugo Giraudel

Published June 24, 2015

I like Sass. It’s a nice language, when used correctly. The official documentation is a good place to start, but I think there is room for improvement. It is a one-page document which can be cumbersome to browse but overlooks a lot of details as far as I can tell. It is a good start, but we can surely do better. So I thought, why not give it a try?

Today, I would like to introduce the SitePoint Sass Reference. This document, or should I say “guide” is a hand-written Sass documentation by yours truly, with help from who else but SitePoint’s own Sass editor, Stuart Robson. The goal is to walk through all Sass-related buzz words, and explain them as clearly as possible so that anyone can get started quickly.

Not sure what a mixin is? There is a page for that. Ever wondered how @extend works? There is a page for that. Want to know everything about variables? There is a page for that, too!

Of course this is a work in progress. Not only are the entries likely to be updated in order to add extra missing bits of information, but we also plan on adding more entries; especially in the “Ecosystem” section, where we would like to introduce more famous Sass tools such as Susy, True or the Sass Guidelines.

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