[Article] How IE6 was killed, or at least severely suffocated

The A Conspiracy To Kill IE6 article gives a handy write-up on how some engineers conspired to kill IE6.


“We will be phasing out support for your browser. Please update browser.” Yeah, I hate those messages. Sites should support all browsers.

That article is 99% bragging and irrelevant to the question of what the problem was with IE6. One thing of note is that it is about IE6 only, IE8 was considered a valid alternative.

That article does however indicate it is safe to ignore arbitrary messages like that. The article makes it very clear that the problem with IE6 was subjective, not objective; it explicitly states they did not research the validity of what they were doing.

Without any examples it does seem like the motivation was “my work is work, wah!”

I don’t remember what the sites were, but I remember having access to some sites denied and getting similar “notices” for Opera years ago when it was my primary browser. If the user agent was spoofed to another browser the sites could be accessed. There may have been some breakage, but I didn’t notice any. I don’t know what their game was, I never visited the sites again.

Could you define “all browsers”?

All current browsers I can go along with, but no way I’m going to support IE anything unless I have to.


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