Array values missing

I am developing a script to pupulate a database.
I have one problem tho, check the code: -50 lines of code, ~40 lines array.
The first query enters the database , and then the second and third query , does not, because the arrays


does not exist ,( anyway they exist.:confused:)
Little help needed here.

Have you created a database?

Which line is failing?

actually the arrays were pretty messed up,
i’ve done some testing and came up with this
replace the line:

				$sql="Update wd_hdd_specifications set subtitle='".$entry[$d]['subTitle']."'
							where hdd_id='".$hdd_id."';";


				$sql="Update wd_hdd_specifications set subtitle='".$entry['subTitle'][$d]."'
							where hdd_id='".$hdd_id."';";

tnx for your help anyway.