I have a problem printing out a shuffled array, containing 3 objects, which are “Rock”, “Paper”, and “Scissors”. Those objects need to be printed out randomly in a textarea, though so far it didn’t work for me.


echo"<div style='width:300px; height:200px; overflow:scroll;'>Bob shows";

// Display buttons for rock, paper, or scissors.
echo"<input type='submit' name='rock' value='Rock'> <input type='submit' name='paper' value='Paper'> <input type='submit' name='scissors' value='Scissors'>";

// Our gamebot.
$bot                = 'Bob';

// Show random object, rock, paper, or scissors.
$objects         = array("Rock", "Paper", "Scissors");
$mixthem         = shuffle($objects);


The RPS game is not complete yet, I stuck on the array-part. Please help if possible,



Ups, yes, that was a dumb error / mistake of mine. I declared the array lightyears away from my statement, god. It worked after I moved the declared array variable to the top.

Try this:


// Show random object, rock, paper, or scissors.

$object['1']     = 'objectRock.png';
$object['2']     = 'objectPaper.png';
$object['3']     = 'objectScissors.png';

$chosen_object = mt_rand(1,3);


echo "The computer has chosen <img src='$object_to_display.png'>";

Uhh…well you have your logic at the bottom…below the portion that handles display. See the problem?

Could you explain what ‘didn’t work’ means?
And in that code I don’t see where you display the array (except for the print_r in the beginning, but it seems you haven’t even declared the array at that point?).

Ok, so one last thing: I’m not satisfied with the order of the random shuffled array that is displaying, in my case it is an image, just to keep it more visual attractive. I have my random array displayed as a “print_r($objects[0]);”, so if I start the rock paper scissors game by clicking on “Rock”, it displays “Rock”, because it starts off with [0]. I hope someone understands what I mean, it’s just if you played it for a while, you sort of get to know the order, so there’s no fun in playing it anymore. :smiley:

My game is located at:

This will give you a random choice of Rock, Paper or Scissors:


// Show random object, rock, paper, or scissors.



echo 'The computer has chosen '.$object["$chosen_object"];