I have this

echo '<pre>';print_r($removed_assets);echo '</pre>';
if (array_key_exists("blade_server_id",$removed_assets))
  echo "Key exists!";
  echo "Key does not exist!";

but why is the key not found

    [0] => Array
            [blade_server_id] => 1
            [name] => 
            [manufacturer] => Brocade
            [model] => VDX 2730
            [updated_date] => 2021-09-11 11:43:40
            [updated_by] =>


Key does not exist! 


Note :
array_key_exists() will search for the keys in the first dimension only. Nested keys in multidimensional arrays will not be found.


if (array_key_exists("blade_server_id",$removed_assets[0]))

I think the problem with relying on index keys is that you have to know the specific index key to work with your array. It’s easy when you know there’s only 1 data set being returned, but what if there are multiple data sets being returned? Then the index of 0 will only show 1 data set from your results rather than say 5 data sets.

I think for this it might be overkill, but I’d use a foreach loop and then check against blade_server_id.

Just my 2 cent.

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