Array index increment

I have array like shown in code, and I want it to increment to first if user A views it, then increment again if user B views it, and so on(Remove the first index value: icufxzmpra when user A views so when other users views then get next index value from array)ā€¦ so every user gets the unique code from the list of array. what modification can be done to achieve that?

function provideCode() {
    static $counter=0;
    $codes = array('icufxzmpra', 'iccegxzmea', 'icufrzspsa', 'icerghtjkl', 'icqwderthg', 'icrgtlokhz','icqwdfrtgh','ickihjbngh','icjfhzudcd','icjhnbhzgs','ictgsvcbhg');
    $code = $codes[$counter];
    echo "\n Please copy the following code and paste it in the task on ***** to successfully complete the task : ";
    echo $code;

I think you will need to store the counter somewhere, perhaps in a session variable. Declaring it as static will be fine if the same process calls the function multiple times, but each time a new instance of your PHP code is created by a user running it, the function is run for the first time and therefore presents the first array element.

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Could you use user IDs as array keys? Maybe that would work.

Though Iā€™m curious about what your objective is here. Do those strings mean anything or are you just wanting to assign a random unique code string to each user? There may be better ways to do that.

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sessions may be inappropriate for data shared across multiple users. i would prefer a database that gives you ACID capability. at least you can just read the keys from a file via file(), then remove that key and write the contents back.

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I wanted to assign each one unique key from the list of array. so there is no any chance that anyone can do any fraud. but finally I found solution. I am storing all information in database and then fetching the IDs from table and then deleting that entry. Hope this will work fine .

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